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Join the MLUT Community on Discord
(10 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 01/09/2017 8:09PM EST
Looking for the #MLUT community on IRC? The community has finally abandoned the ancient relay chat conversation for Discord. For those who are unaware, Discord is a TS/IRC hybrid with an intuitive interface on all platforms. You can connect through the browser, but we recommend that you download the app.

MLUT has converted into the old school UT99 pug channel established back in 2003 known as #dopepugs. Get your Discord invite by visiting: www.dopepugs.com

Also, here's a few community videos to get you pumped up for the next MLCTF revival season.

MLCTF 2017, coming soon?
Unreal Prime
Comment! - Posted By: sLY1838 on 03/13/2016 4:22AM EDT
Sir_Brizz: I got invited to the duel tournament
cafe: me and timeh only remaining people playing
Sir_Brizz: with a bunch of duelers
cafe: lol
cafe: rip
Sir_Brizz: tbfh I have never tried to be good at dueling
cafe: yeah I probably owuldnt have won shit there either
sLY: tbh i dont think you're capable of it (no offense), you came from #beyondunreal
Sir_Brizz: I've played CTF for years probably would have been fine playing CTF
sLY: dont think thats true either brizz, no offense
Sir_Brizz: sly nobody cares what you are saying
+nuxx: ctf / dm are totally different
+nuxx: hard to be good at both
* Sir_Brizz sets mode: +b *!sLY@
* You were kicked by Sir_Brizz (sLY)
Flak Mania
(4 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 08/28/2015 2:13AM EDT
Recent frags from the MLUT revival taking place in #MLUT. Two clips of some insane flak footage.


MLCTF Goliath
(2 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 08/04/2015 12:19AM EDT
A recent flag run on Goliath Caves in #MLUT


Visit - MLUT.net and get in on the action.
Major League Unreal Tournament
(21 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 07/17/2015 12:36AM EDT
Servers go online for pugs starting July 20th, 2015.


Announcements for next MLCTF tournament will come in due time.

Gameplay Mechanics That Need to be in UT4 CTF
(12 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 11/08/2014 5:42PM EST
As UT4 CTF continues development, the competitive CTF community anxiously awaits to see if Epic will hit the sweet spot this time. Here's a video showing some of the various gameplay mechanics that need to be implemented into UT4 CTF.

Upcoming Duel Tournament
(6 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 10/05/2014 2:46AM EDT
OwnedWell has an invite only duel tournament on the horizon. Head over to their site to view early discussions about the event. www.ownedwell.com

Restoring Accounts
(4 Comments) - Posted By: chicken- on 09/01/2014 10:02AM EDT
I've seen a lot of people signing up additional accounts lately, basically people with old accounts that forgot the password and don't have access to their old email addresses.

Instead of making new accounts please contact me on IRC and I'll help you restore your old accounts. http://webchat.globalgamers.net/?channels=prounreal
Keys to making Unreal Tournament 4 a Success
(69 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 05/08/2014 3:06PM EDT
Its official, Epic Games will be making Unreal Tournament 4. Generally speaking, the Pro Unreal community is interested and excited. For several years the PC FPS gaming community has been fed with rinse and repeat realistic shooters. The craving for an innovative, sci-fi, competitive shooter has been unbearable. Hopefully Epic Games has what it takes to satisfy the community.

With that said, I list to you below the three most important keys to make Unreal Tournament 4 a success.

Receive Consultation from the Competitive Community.
This is the most crucial and important key of the list, so it has been placed at the top. The Pro Unreal gaming community still exists today. It has actively been involved in Unreal Tournament gaming leagues since the start of Unreal Tournament. Click here to see for yourself.

While Epic games certainly has a skilled development staff and does a lot of things right, they have one major flaw. They put the thoughts and opinions from the competitive community on the backburner and seem to interact more with the casual gamer. This is a major flaw for several reasons.

- The casual gamer will be around for a month and then they are on to the next game.

- You alienate yourself from the core community. Failing to receive support from this community will result in a publicity nightmare.

- You are ignoring competitive gamers who have YEARS of experience com....
MLUT.NET Ladders Launches
(2 Comments) - Posted By: sLY1838 on 12/14/2013 11:32PM EST
MLUT Ladders kicks off its first season with Capture the Flag. This first season will be hosted by the North American Unreal Tournament community located on the Global Gamers IRC network. The season is unlike any other competition thus far, so we have made the transition as easy as virtually possible.

There are no signups or registration forms. The majority of the players competing in this tournament already reside within the official MLUT channel (#MLUT) or know exactly how to return if they have been on a hiatus. All that has to be done in order to compete is to sign up for a pug in the channel.

However, we encourage all players competing in the league to take a look at the Ladder Ranking system to better understand how the process will work. We plan to eventually convert the ranking system into a more sophisticated ELO format, but for now this is the route that will be taken.

Thanks to chicken- for assisting in setting up the tools needed to get the ball rolling. Also thanks to Darth for providing servers and Invictus for creating an early foothold for the Reg CTF community.

Good Luck, Have Fun!

About the Website

For a while now, we have had the idea of implementing a competitive pickup game league like one seen in newer competitive games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This website will be the foundation for all things IRC Pickup Game related in terms of competition.
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